Cross China Road Trip 05: Ningxia Autonomous Region, Shapotou: Camping on a Basketball Court


Really great being out of the big city. From the madness of Gao Miao Si and its dungeon from Hell, a few hours down the road is the presently empty holiday village at Shapotou as it winds down for the winter.


Yong Fa’s place

So this woman called Yong Fa flags me down and shows me her beautiful home with a courtyard converted into a vegetable garden and hanging vines. Though the rooms are really cheap I ask her if it’s possible to camp somewhere around the village. So nice, even though she’s going to miss out on a night’s rent she says it’s been raining lately so the ground isn’t great. Instead she takes me around the corner to the basketball court in front of the village hall and says I can park up there for the night. Amazing!


The camp bed fits inside nicely if you take out the water and petrol containers

Had a lot of curious locals turn up

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  1. Hi – this one sounds like an interesting night.. still no tent I see – hahaha! .. Hope all is going brilliantly Andy.. Take care and looking forward to hearing all about your next ‘leg’ of the trip in due course.. xx

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      • I don’t blame you and it looks like it fits in perfectly anyway! I’m really looking forward to reading more about your trip when you get back. Hope you’re still enjoying your amazing experience. Have fun and take care.. see you soon xx

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      • Yo Wendy >> When you’re crashing out in it you can look out and up at the sky through the back window. The trips still awesome but only 1000 miles left > Back to BJ in 2 days touch wood. Hope you are well mate

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      • Hi Andy – sounds amazing.. I hope the stars are as sparkling with you as they have been here for the last few nights.. Looking out on that through your window would be awesome I’m sure! Well done – what an achievement so far and on the last leg.. It feels like it’s gone really quickly here and I hope it’s not gone TOO quickly for you.. or are you looking forward to getting back to some ‘luxury’ – a bed!! Difficult few weeks ahead for our family – check out my post when you get a minute on Life has thrown a Gigantic Lemon… It’s being thrown straight back.. Just so you know I’m not ignoring you mate if you post anything.. having to step back a bit over the next few weeks to support my beautiful daughter in law Jenny.. I’ll be back smiling very soon I hope.. Pat on the back from me matey and I’ll look forward to seeing your posts for a catch up soon! xx

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      • Hiya Wend > Well I havent been around much myself lately. Actually its been virtually impossible to post anything while I’ve been on my travels > Kinda disappointing but it is the trip that counts after all. Just been over to your page > Keep us posted on any developments. Back in Beijing now. Just sleeping and more sleep after some serious exhaustion.

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      • You’re right – it is the trip and we can all read about it over the next few weeks/months so something for us to look forward to…. building suspense is always good! Enjoy a good rest and at my end … so far so good with Jen – bless her she is a true inspirational star! x

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  2. Hiya Rose – Sorry not to get back sooner but still on the road. Sleeping in that Landcruiser sure is amazing. Can’t upload photos so therefore can’t really post but will do when I get back. Take care :)qinghai cities you can sleep in


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