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    • Thanks for that Sarah. Much appreciated. If you do go to Laos then definitely go to the 4000 Islands in the South or if you like the peace and quiet go to Luang Namtha in ghe North where there are few tourists.

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      • Oh yes > Laos is an easy country to navigate. Hope you make it one day. While you’re at it you may as well hop over to China 😉 Wishing you an awesome weekend Sarah 🙂

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      • I was looking forward to the warm spring weather for the weekend and came down with the lurgy! Typical 😦 I need a lottery win or an arts council grant before I can really make any of my big travel dreams come true! Chronic illness and disability are quite limiting with travel. Apart from anything else I have to pay a small fortune in insurance!! We usually make it to Greece every year. It’s a budget trip but Kos is perfect for me! Made quite a few friends there now 🙂 I find that some of the really frustrating symptoms I suffer with like fatigue and pain are much improved in the less humid atmosphere. Access to hydrotherapy is simple and unrestricted too 😉

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      • Hiya Sarah. May I ask when your illness is? I worked with people with various disabilities for years. One job was at City of Bristol College making sure anyone with a disability got whatever they needed to assist them. Kos sounds wonderful. Never been and would love to go. Do you have Kos on your blog?

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      • Hi Andy, yeah no worries, I have Crohn’s and fibromyalgia (plus all the extras that come with!). How incredible to meet someone who worked in that field. Good on you 😀 My education all fell apart during the few years leading up to the Crohn’s diagnosis as I was so ill but not believed. Thought it would be ok once I had a diagnosis and could prove I hadn’t been a disgraceful liar but didn’t account for the cynicism of pre disability discrimination act art colleges/universities! I’m glad that things have improved over the last twenty years but I still hear many horror stories 😦

        Kos is fantastic 😀 Yes, I have a category for Greece with Kos and Rhodes as sub-categories! We’ve only made short visits to Rhodes. Not as easy for me as Kos but full of history and beauty of its own. Kos is smaller with many flat areas and a good network of roads and trails to get around. We usually pop over to the island of Nysiros which is an active volcano 😀 I would love to get down into the crater but have to leave it to Simon as there’s no way I’d manage the path! The large caldera is utterly amazing though. The smells, the colours, the heat and precariously positioned villages right on the rim!!

        I would love to go to Kefalonia to see the turtles and look for the wild horses! I’ve always had a deep love for the Mediterranean and the countries bordering the sea 🙂

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      • Phew Sarah you are such a trooper handling your illness. I am sure you get down at times but your attitude in words comes across as bold and strong. Its funny what impression someone can get 1000s of miles away in another country but that’s just how it feels. I hear the Med is the most beautiful sea in the world. Still, not a stitch on the Bristol Channel ha ha ha 🙂

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      • Thanks Andy. Oh yeah of course I get down!!! I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t. Right now I have a chest infection brought about by the immune suppression for the Crohn’s which has kicked off my asthma and I have to be up in 5hrs time as I have a long series of gut x-rays being done today. I’m mightily ticked off with the whole thing! Typical bad timing. I do get very frustrated with the limitations mostly associated with the fatigue and pain. I’m not a “sit around indoors” sort of person!! I try to be bold and do as much as I can when I can 🙂 I think you’re impression of me is pretty true! Stubborn sums me up quite well 😉 The Med is beautiful for its colour and clarity but the sad thing about that is it’s because we humans have stripped the sea of much of it’s nutrients and life. It’s still absolutely wonderful and we love snorkeling and filming some of the creatures and fish that we find 🙂 I love the landscape, history, people and cultures of the region too. Very warm and welcoming part of the world! Nowt wrong with the Bristol Channel except it’s temperature 😉 Lots of fantastic wildlife in the area and if you head into the Irish Sea you can even find basking sharks!! The ocean that I would love to explore more is definitely the Indian ocean. We went to the Maldives about 8yrs ago and I could happily have stayed there forever! Blown away by the wildlife on land and in the waters. That was possibly a once in lifetime trip though!! Yet another redundancy fueled “let’s do it now while we have the chance” holidays. Simon has video of me talking to a fruit bat 😉

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      • Phew > You’ve been all over Sarah. Anywhere on your to do list then? As for your condition well I guess if you arent as stubborn as heck then its like giving in and I can see your such an Earth lover that’s never gonna happen. Just Joking about the Bristol Channel only for its brown colour LOL > Its still good to have it nearby though. I love that whole Avon/Somerset and Wales area: My backyard

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      • Half the world and more on my list but I have to accept some restrictions sadly 😦 I just live vicariously through those who can visit the places I can’t! I have family in Devon and Somerset so it’s always been a second home for me 🙂 You’re still overseas right? We’ve thought a lot about moving to Kos as it’s so much better for my health but there are too many financial issues at the moment. I can see myself getting homesick for our lush green countryside at times though!!


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