Dear Amazing Followers: Surrounded by Piles of Notes & Living the Dream

It’s been a month since I last posted anything but hey, I still have exactly the same number of followers as back then. Absolutely no one has unfollowed me. Fantastic!

Truth be told I’ve been story-boarding a series of fictional books that have been in my mind since 2004; my ultimate goal in life. It’s all I’ve been doing; sleeping surrounded by notes and rough drafts; going for long walks to get things into perspective; in a continual state of existence every moment of the day while my subconscious works away unravelling problems and searing for solutions. It’s amazing seeing it coming to life after all this time, especially my characters.

I reckon another few weeks and it’ll be business as per usual on WP and planning for the next trip across China. The thing is with WP is it takes me a week of focus and directed energy to do a post and I can’t afford to break this concentrated uninterrupted flow that I’m in right now.

If I haven’t dropped by your way for a while I do apologize. It’s not through disinterest or anything like that. I just need to see my ultimate dream start to take shape.

Wishing you all the very best & I’ll drop by and say hi when I can.

Be Lucky & be naughty!


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  1. Sometimes it’s necessary to step down from the blog for a while to ‘get on with’ writing projects. And it sounds as though you’re not scrimping around for ideas! Lol. I hope you sort through all your notes – then, I imagine it will be full steam ahead.
    (I haven’t much of your book to finish now, Andy. We’ve been away s much recently and I haven’t had time to read anything.) 🙂

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    • Hiya Millie > Trying to keep things simple and effective is my struggle at the moment. I have too much information to deal with. I even ended up storyboarding an extra book. Hope you have a good week Millie and your avoiding the rain over there


      • Too much information has got to be better than not enough. 🙂 Once you’ve sifted out all the bits you can’t use, you’ll be rarin’ to go – on more than one, by the sounds of it.
        The rain’s on and off around here and we’ve had nothing like some areas have had. As Junes go, it’s not wonderful – but we’re still hopeful. 🙂

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      • Hiya Millie > Phew its all slow going though. The trouble is I can only write or do anything when I’m by myself. Its a tough one. Glad to be in China at the mo > I mean not in the UK if you know what I mean. What are you up to writing-wise lately?


      • So sorry for the late reply! I’ve been ‘off’my blog for almost two weeks. Like you, I’m trying to write. I’m working on Book 3 of my trilogy now, as well as getting a book of flash fiction pieces ready for publishing on Amazon (as a book, I mean) in July.
        I’m still reeling over the result of the referendum. Things aren’t going to be easy here for some time.
        Hope you’ve made headway with your writing now, I agree it isn’t easy to write with others around (impossible, really).
        I hope to finish your book soon. I really haven’t had time to read lately. Now my book of flash fic is done, I can get back to it. 🙂

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      • Hiya Millie > Here’s my late reply ha ha. Been watching the fallout from the Chilcot Report > About time too. I went on the demo in London all those years ago and couldnt believe it when we still went ahead and invaded Iraq. Hope Blair gets his comeuppance. Hope the writing is going well. I’m still storyboarding – Phew. Take care and may your writing go smoothly 🙂


  2. Hi Andy, you dont need to explain anything. I have been busy with build up my own blog and make travel writing my ultimate career, so my apologize for not being able to stopby for a while. Coincidentally, few weeks ago I met a new friend who has been storyboarding for a large company for ten years. You should have tell me earlier so I can ask him if you need any help. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your projects.

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    • Hiya Julie > I did drop by your place a few weeks ago to find you were upgrading. Sounds exciting > I mean your career decision and the new look blog. Definitely drop by and let me know when it’s up and running. I’m not even keeping an eye on my RSS feeds at the bottom of my page at the moment. I reckon two more weeks and I’ll be done > stage one wll be completed. Take care Julie and big time cheers for dropping by to say hi mate

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      • No worries. I will wait as your loyal wordpress follower. My blog is now up and running, but I still have to upgrades it from time to time and there are lots to learn. Check it out when you have time, If not dont worry too much!

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    • Hiya Ev. Yes we cant always blog. I dont know how some people do it. You’re my fave back. Hope life on the road is going well for you. BTW: How did you get on with Just Turn Left? I dropped by FB the other day. I think I missed your birthday. Did you celebrate?


      • My birthday is today so you did not miss it although I it is tomorrow in China now and my birthday has passed. However, I was awake when you sent the FB message at 3:47 am today and that was a very good present to start the day. Celebrated by going to the sea and watching the boats and now hubby is cooking dinner for me 🙂 Unfortunately I haven’t yet finished your book but not because I haven’t enjoyed it. I have not read a single book in the meantime. I had to put it down when you wrote about the dogs in the market. So immensely sad. Horrid actually. I love dogs more than people often times. But my REAL excuse is I put Cribbage on my phone……… you know the rest of the story 😦 Your book and my blog are the casualties.

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      • Hiya Ev > Glad you had a great birthday. It sounds like you’re having a great time these days and have thoroughly put all your troubles behind you. Oh no my book has been ousted by cribbage LOL ha ha > Take care and hope to catch up proper soon XXX

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  3. Hi Andy , will be interested to see where you go on your next ” on the road ” experience . Great places to meet new people – and that special feeling alive type vibe that stimulates the desire to write about what you are seeing and feeling .
    Certainly recommend the mini iPad and the WordPress app for ” on the go ” blogging . Even away from network it is easy to use the ” notes” tab to record thoughts , observations etc and when you have cellular Internet of some free wifi , you can copy paste your note (s) into the WP app blog post

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