Kai Che Driving Phrasebook: China (Free Download)

Dear amazing followers. As most of you know, touch wood I’ll be heading the road for an optimistic 10,000 miles across China to Xinjiang and then the rest. Being my Chinese ability is as shaky as Southern Rail’s timetable I thought it more than urgent to throw together this phrasebook in case of various calamities that may happen along the way.

I’m putting it up as a free download. Bear in mind it’s a pocket book so you’ll need to find a printers that can do it. I had to go to three places before I could get it printed out.

This is not a ‘professional’ guide book in any way rather I’ve tried to include what I think may be the most useful vocab’ and phrases for the trip.



Microsoft Word - Kai Che Pocket Book - Complete No Cover.docx

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

If you’re already on the road in China then no doubt your Chinese speaking will be up to speed so there are still many basic things in here that no doubt you will already know. The problem is, where one person may understand your Chinese, another may be completely confused and we all know how annoying that can be right? For this reason, things have also been translated into Chinese characters so at the very least you can just hold the book up to someone and show it to them.











Wishing you an awesome and successful ride across the PRC.

Zu Ni Hao Yun

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    • Cheers Fede > I think there isnt much in the way of material for Chinese/English motor mechanics so I hope it helps people out. Cheers for the follow and dropping by mate > Have a wicked weekend


  1. you are just amazing Andy Smart! what a fantastic idea, I am sure it will be very helpful to many people travelling through China…..best of luck on your journey, may you have smooth days ahead and lots of treasured memories

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