For the Love of Blog: WordPress Friends Never Leave You

I’ve had a number of revelations recently regarding blogging. After years of struggling to find what it’s all about and being blocked by the Great Firewall at every turn, things have accelerated like Road Runner after downing a super-sized coke in one go. Meep Meep!

Friends & Community

  • I love people visiting my website. It’s like the landline ringing or someone knocking on your door stopping by for a chat and a cup of tea.
  • I love visiting other people’s sites. Each place I go to has its own unique feel about it. It’s easy to appreciate the time and love that someone goes into creating their own site; the tinkering and readjusting until its right. I can now understand the time and effort that goes into a single post; the detail.
  • Blogging allows you to express yourself like no other medium. I have WP ‘Community’ and RSS lists. Together they contain the widest range of interests and talent you can imagine. Who said it was important to have a target audience? Poppycock! Ha! There are poets, writers, photographers, cat lovers, musicians, model makers, artists, psychic and paranormal investigators, travellers and people who describe what’s just outside their back door from places I’ve never heard of on that list. There are people that pour their heart out in a manner that allows us to at least absorb a part of what they are feeling in that moment. I can only stand back with admiration of people’s work. Unbelievable!
  • I am also surprised at how positive and friendly everyone is. There are no egos floating around. People like your post because they genuinely do. It sounds a strange thing to say but compare it to a like on Facebook and they’re light-years apart.
  • Followers never leave you, well rarely. If you’re not around they wait. For me I even wonder where people are if they haven’t posted for a while. I had to walk away from Justurnleft for months not so long back and when I returned I had virtually the same number of followers as before. 
  • I’ve experienced a kindness as well. People are genuinely helpful, sharing links, re-blogging and offering advice. Recently I discovered that the slider on my Bromley theme changed images way too fast. I went onto the WP support and posted a request for advice only to be answered by the creator of the theme himself Binarymoon. Incredibly, he went to his desk and changed the speed of the whole theme. If you’re using Bromley and the slider has slowed down it’s my fault. Sorry!
  • The biggest kindness rush I’ve had though has to be undoubtedly the help that Jason AKA Opinionated Man has given me and other indie authors. I mean help and trust mixed together in the same tikka masala of the highest order. I must say that such selflessness doesn’t come about very often.


  • It allows me to write lists with bullet points and not worry about repeating myself, breaking the cardinal rule of all book writing. Ha!
  • I love the excitement of hitting the publish tab when you’ve finished a new post, to sit back with satisfaction and see it on your site and how different it now looks.
  • My blog is my own little world I go to like a second home. It kinda reminds me of my Dad’s garden shed. Filled with various tools and paraphernalia, he would be out there in the back garden for hours absorbed by his model building
  • I’ve always suffered with anxiety problems. I had a huge spike last week which rendered me useless for twenty four hours, phew! I don’t get that here among my online friends. I’m free from any such burden and it’s such a relief.
  • I’m inspired to go out and research. That’s an awesome one in itself.

If you like my post, I’ll drop by and check yours out as well. If I like it, it  means I really do!

If you follow I’ll follow back. If you go away I’ll wait for you and wonder where you went.

If you follow don’t forget to add me to your Twitter and say hi. I always looks to see what my WP friends have been up to on Twitter and often RT. I’m @AndySmart01.

See you there and happy blogging!





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  1. Hello, Andy!

    Hey, nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by and following my Recovery Blog. Your blog is AWESOME! I am so enjoying my visit and loving your trek through China. One place on my “bucket” list and I am sure on many other people’s list too. LOL

    But, your posts and especially your beautiful pictures are special because I battle with agoraphobia and don’t get out much to travel. And it is debilitating. So I travel through many WP blogs it is cheaper too! LOL. So I appreciate blogs like yours and all who share their travels 🙂

    I am a writer and author as well. I will have to go look you up on Amazon and connect with you on Goodreads. I also have a column I write for In Recovery Magazine called “The Author’s Cafe.” Writing for many publications and having my book released has been such a wonderful experience and meeting many new people online. I am also an avid reader, so stop by anytime to my other WP blog: Cat Lyon’s Reading Den:

    You may just find a great read. So nice to meet you!

    Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon 🙂

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    • Hiya Catherine and nice to meet you back. I’m not sure if its the same thing as agoraphobia but I’ve suffered from social anxiety for years and at times its made going out very difficult. In China its much less of a problem as Chinese people are a different bunch in their attitudes. I’m far more relaxed here though it still bites me in the ass when I least expect it. Maybe we have something in common already? I’ve added you to my GRs list and will check your book out. Normally I review what I read apart from the last one which was dreadful LOL. Thanks for your kind words about my blog and showing interest in my book. Its a labour of love that’s for sure. At the moment though I am really focused on getting my YouTube channel up and running which is quite hard work. Its a different ball park completely from the world of WP. It would be great if you could drop by my YouTube subscribe and watch a couple of vids. Changing the subject > hey its the winter now yeeeeey > always feel much better around this time. 4 months of bliss aaaaagh … and its raining today yeeeeeeey! Cheers Catherine and have a fab Sunday

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      • HIYA Back Andy!

        Yes, social anxiety is very much like agoraphobia, just that we deal a little with manic depression as we look out the window not feeling about of the outside world. 😦

        So we do have somethings alike. I feel the same as you with sharing your travels and pic’s, I share hope to others in recovery on one blog, and my other blog is for readers and helping authors know where to promote their books as I did have a book promotion bizz for over 3 years.

        But since being to work from home for an awesome recovery magazine as a columnist and now asst. editor with interviewing and writing articles about some of our higher profile clients has been fun and exciting! I just interviewed a few wonderful people for our Summer and Fall 2017 issues like, Comedian, Alonzo Bodden, Former NFL Pro Denver Bronco, Vance Johnson and also Former NFL Pro from the Buccaneers, Matthew Mayberry. So it is nice to make some income living in recovery!

        I will go find your Youtube and subscribe as I am also on Google+ and will go connect on Goodreads. I’d be happy to add your book/books onto my “Cat Lyon’s Reading Den” Hot Book Picks page on my blog. I’ll shout them out too when I do book promo posts as well. So a visit to your Amazon page … “-)

        I am blessed to have find your blog and now call YOU a new Friend!
        Keep Writing & Sharing ! Enjoy your Sunday & week ahead. I’ll be checking up on you “-) LOL. If you are on Twitter? Come follow me both @kitcatlyon & @LUV_Recovery

        Catherine Lyon *CaT*

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      • Hi there Catherine. Yes very happy to meet you but firstly thanks for subscribing to my YouTube. I’ve just renamed it something more interesting AndySmart: Max China. Its so damned difficult getting it started. Yes I know what you mean about WP and the internet. It gives us another world in which we can play. Anxiety is a strange world in that most people dont understand it at all. In the UK its fashionable and fun to talk about how OCD you are when your down the pub with your mates or chatting at work but anxiety of any sorts leaves people puzzled and ready to gossip about you as soon as you turn your back. China is perfect for me though I often have a tonne of regrets about missing out on connecting with amazing people. The UK is full of amazing people > I guess that’s when depression can creep in. I wrote about it in my second book (draft) and a WP friend suggested that I make it one of the main focuses in the book > here’s a snippet from it>>>>Anxiety was always something I could just about handle and keep a lid on. For my whole life I’d battled and beaten it back, still managing to engage and carry on as normal that is until I returned to the UK. Trying to make sense of everything at this point was a seemingly impossible task with some form of stress coming in from every direction. If stress and worry could have been a recipe then this surely was my new signature dish. Let’s call it Provencal Cassoulet au Insomnie with Crème de Misère (or Crème Miserable). A simple dish for one with reversed culture shock marinated in lifelong anxiety and then blended with post separation disorder. Remove from blender and put into a pot adding bill payments diced into one inch pieces with no seasoning and anything flavourful. Boil continuously for an hour and then drain out any excess residual thoughts or hopes of saving money. You’re in the UK after all sucker! Place in a casserole dish adding the remaining anxiety and an ample helping of bad luck sprinkled over the top. Bake until unsatisfactory. >>>>> I must admit I do like to see the funny side of my anxiety wherever possible. Right, back to the YouTube channel. Phew >>> Any more help you can bring would be awesome like spreading the word and sharing. Its like everything Catherine > You just cant give up!!!

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  2. I love your blog Andy and am so pleased to know you, even if I don’t watch every video, I am still looking, learning and enjoying when I visit here. Be well my friend and I look forward to sharing 2017 with you!

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    • Hiyaaaaa Cindy. Thanks for your wonderful words of encouragement. The first thing I read this morning. Its all a bit slow going at the moment as I have taken on so many different projects. I have however, compressed all of my working hours into three days a week. While it leaves me totally exhausted, I am free for the rest of the week. FREEEEEEEE ha ha. For sure I hope you continue to do your awesome photography in 2017. Look forward to it.

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  3. Hi Andy – sorry I’ve not been across for a while.. just on the cusp of some big decisions (work related) and I will definitely be over to catch up on more of your road trip videos soon… I just wanted to say ‘hi’ in the meantime and to let you know that I’ve been thinking about you if unable to ‘visit’… I’m hope you’re starting to feel a bit better and working through your anxiety? – You need a hypnotherapist – it’s a shame you don’t live closer haha! Wishing you a magical 2017 and I’ll be around for a proper visit soon hopefully xx

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    • Heeeey Wendy. No worries mate. I guess that’s WP. We do have lives away from the internet after all LOL shock horror! Yes all good on the anxiety front. I did see a few hypnotherapists but no luck. Honestly I think the only way you can deal with anxiety problems is to accept it and change your lifestyle to accommodate it. I dont believe any therapy can sort out these kinds of things. I’m just glad I live in China. We’re gearing up for the Chinese New Year here. Holiday next week 🙂 Yipeeeeee

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      • I like your style Andy… yep – just accept it and carry on.. I’m sorry hypnotherapy didn’t work for you as it is usually pretty good.. Woohooo sounds like you’re going to be having some New Year fun very soon. Enjoy every moment and I’ll see you soon xxx

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      • Thanks Andy… yep I’ve been in a state of ‘limbo’ (work wise) for the last year and am on the cusp of big change so hopefully it will be ‘onward and upward’ .. At this moment though I’m just about to go for breakfast in a beautiful old country house spa hotel… which is far nicer than we’d expected it to be as a last minute cheap(er) booking.. Yep – life’s good! x

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  4. You are absolutely right about blogging and how it makes one feel. WP is a great way to connect with people who are just right there with you when it comes to finding some common ground together. I have been here for a while, reading random posts and been a silent reader which I am soon going to change by starting a blog myself.

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    • Hiya Gulliena > Yes its quite a special place indeed. I rarely lose friends here whereas on Twitter you can lose ten followers a day. I think you can really write from the heart out here in WP world and there arent many people who write negative comments either. Some blogs are s interesting as well. Thanks for following > totally followed you back 🙂 Be lucky mate

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    • Thank you Lily. I can leave my WordPress alone for weeks and no one will have unfollowed. I can leave my YouTube for a couple of days and people have actually consciously gone over to my channel and unsubscribed. There is a trend over on YT for people to sub you and ask you to sub them followed by them unsubbing you 23 hrs later. Twitter > well enough said about that one. WORDPRESS ALL THE WAAAAAY ha ha

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