Book Trailer: Warm someone’s spirit with this three year life-changing travel yarn

One of the Reindeer Tribe who came in for a cup of tea on a rainy Saturday

One of the Reindeer Tribe who came in for a cup of tea one rainy Saturday


Just Turn Left at the Mountain – Trials & Tribulations Meandering Across Chinese Borders by Andy Smart

With zero Chinese speaking ability and minimal planning, Andy’s story starts with a disastrous online romance played out in South China and his great escape. From a first Chinese haircut, to encountering the most fearsome waitress in China, to Chengdu and its famous napalm like hot pot, the journey winds its way from Tibet into Yunnan via one of the most dangerous bus journeys in the world. Across borders he foolishly goes ghost hunting in Cambodia and to the DMZ’s ‘no man’s land’ in South Korea. We also take a visit to the eagle hunters of Western Mongolia and the Russian border where Andy manages a Mongolian holiday camp.

For a direct link to the book click here: Just Turn Left at the Mountain on and Just Turn Left at the Mountain on

Find Just Turn Left on Andy Smart’s Author Page here and

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02Just Turn Left is available on Kindle or as a paperback on Amazon

Safe Journeys!

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    • Thanks Carolina > When I was on the road I wrote everything down on bits of paper stuffed into a pocked diary or plastic bag. When I got the time I’d delicately unfold them and get them digital. Phew > I still think it’s the best way to write. Friday tomorrow 😉

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      • Very clever Andy especially travelling you need to be light cant carry too many things and taking notes here and there on spare papers is clever 😉 sometimes happened to me to write or sketch on napkins lol I agree! And yes Friday tomorrow 😉

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    • Awwwww Carolina that’s so cool of you. Well on the right hand side bar of my blog there’s a link to it // also there are two links directly under the trailer on the book trailer page. has the most reviews though. Happy hunting Carolina and let me know how you get on 🙂

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    • Hi there Dee > Glad to hear it. It’s Tomb Sweeping weekend here in China. I tried going out to visit a temple yesterday but there are so many people out that the roads were static. In the end I came home. Rule 1: when there is a Chinese national holiday stay at home! LOL

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    I know many people here.
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    • Hiya Janice > Thanks for dropping by and of course I’m always interested in boosting anything that’s boostable LOL. I know I am featured on Carolina’s blog but I didn’t know about Danny Ray. Please send me a link. Thanks


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