Cross China Road Trip: YouTube Channel


Beijing to Kashgar along the Southern Silk Road and across the Qinghai Province

Hi there all
Along the way I’ve been filming as much of the trip as possible and have started to upload it onto my YouTube channel. Well having said that my camcorder decided to destroy my memory card erasing 1000 miles of footage; infuriating!

Phew, its a whole new ball park to blogging but immensely good fun.

Anyway, feel free to drop by and come along for the ride.

Its hard work getting things off the ground so your support would go a long way.

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  1. Extraordinary ! Did you manage to sleep after all that ? Banging your head frequently on the ceiling can’t have helped. Once again it was good to see your video recording,but I would rather see that do what you are doing, especially driving in Chinese traffic.

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  2. Andy, you’re video-blogging! I’ve done lots of vid work over the years, so I know the hazards of shooting while driving in traffic. More dangerous than the hell-tunnels. I just finished my fiction novel, “Lanes End, A Journey Into the Paranormal,” and am now producing a spoken-word video of Chapter 1. Again, not as scary as your traffic, but it should be entertaining. Suggestion: turn up the audio gain on your camcorder to overcome the ambient sounds if you can, or get a wireless lapel mic. Then we’ll hear both your running commentary and the sounds of China. Push on, my friend…

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    • Cheers for the advice Paul. My biggest problem was the camcorder itself, well that and the continual insect road kill on the windscreen. The recorder destroys memory cards pretty quickly. Hey have you been watching Ghost Adventures lately? What do you think of it? Your book sounds great mate. Is it on Amazon?


      • The GA boyz have gone a bit dark of late, especially with their latest “666” tour. Zak is increasingly sending out members of his crew on solo side missions into dangerous places, which isn’t really recommended, but I suppose it makes for good tv, which is their prime directive. Anyway, LANES END (the hard copy book) will soon be on Amazon; in the meantime it can be ordered off my website, which has how to order info + chapter excerpts:
        Thanks for asking!

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      • Keep me posted on the Amazon bookshelf Paul. TBH I have lost faith in GA a bit. Lots of melodramatics and some definite fakery going on which is hugely disappointing for me. I always trusted them. A few years ago I was 100% with them but now? I just watch it because I do.


    • Hiya Ellen > Tx for following. Oh yes well I hope you enjoy them. I have a few more 1000 miles to turn into videos so watch this space. Pls subscribe and give us the thumbs up 🙂 China’s a super addictive place to travel. Any time Ellen 🙂 ha ha

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  3. Gosh – I felt I was there with you in that car… I don’t know how you did that – terrifying! Worth it though to see the sights you’ve experienced. The temple looks magical and a great contrast to the dungeon of hell.. yikes I’m definitely trying harder to go to ‘heaven’ not ‘hell’ after those pics! haha… x

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    • Hiya Wendy > Much appreciated for dropping by and checking my vids out. It looks like you subscribed as well which is absolutely fantastic to me. Its like starting from WordPress from the beginning all over again. Could you imagine that. Your deffo go to heaven > no doubt it will involve a tent and a full breakfast LOL > ps what did you think of the Stress Stress and the GPS video > your opinion would be awesome.

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      • This is one channel I’m glad I’ve subscribed to Andy – I’m loving this trip into China.. it’s not often you experience something truly from ‘the road’ perspective which I love.. I’m working my way through the videos and haven’t got to the Stress stress and GPS yet – hopefully I’ll have a watch tomorrow night but as it’s past midnight here I’m going to call it a night shortly… I’m looking forward to watching these very soon.. I love that ‘solar powered’ lamp – I want one for my tent.. I’ll definitely be on the look out for that little beauty! x

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      • Great Wendy > I will leave the GPS vid up for a day then. Its strange but three people referred to it as a travel channel today. Never ever thought of that before so its inspiring me to make a standard intro for videos made after the road trip has finished

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    • I escaped with no prangs at all and I’m well chuffed at my driving levels in China now, especially close control in such a monster ha ha. Yes I took out health insurance mainly for the bike riding to and from work.


      • Wise move Andy
        Guess you must be looking at your next adventure ???—something to dangle out on the horizon , always helps me with keeping the black dog in the darkest corner of her kennel
        I am in planning stage for next year as we speak
        I’m off for a “tramp” — next week — place called Waikaremoana — a high rain forest lake walk in nz , with my daughter Sammi and another couple of girls – will be fun

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      • Wow mate > That does sound nice. Not sure about the next destination yet. I need to get a real solid edit done on Just Turn Left which will cost me an arm and a leg. I think I always need to chill for a bit between adventures otherwise that buzz doesnt really materialise for me if you know what I mean. Safe journeys mate. You’re here by the way >> LOL >>


    • Hiya BurningHeart > Well there’s always time to do it for real 😉 Thanks for checking it out. BTW I have just started up this channel on YouTube so if you havent already, it would be awesome if you could subscribe. Its hard work starting a new site off from scratch. Be Lucky 🙂

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