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And FEATURED is… Andy Smart!

YesterdayAfter  Featured of the Month  April 2016

Hello everyone during last 30 days I came across lots of beautiful, interesting and inspiring Blogs and I made my pick for the month of April. I choose between all the wonderful Bloggers that left their Blog links at our weekly event Meet and Greet Fridays!

This month is about exploring life travelling and discovering China!

Today I am very pleased and honored to introduce you my new  Featured of the  Month and featured is…Author Andy Smart and his Blog Just Turn Left  same title goes to his great book!

Adobe Photoshop PDF A Book to read!

I discovered Andy only about a month ago we came across each other Blogs and we followed and stayed connected. Andy has a very friendly and great personality he seems that friend that you knew all life long and it is fun to engage with…

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