New Featured Sunset Header for May 2016

Before Sundown


Mongolian Sunset by Andy Smart

“Andy Smart quit the UK ten years ago and now lives in Beijing. So far he has visited half of China’s provinces recording each journey in his own unique streetwise style. He has also been a teacher since 1991 developing his own successful TEFL package for spoken English in the PRC.”

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Andy’s About…on his blog site adds interest and a want to read more. Look at the photo of Andy setting up camp in the Khuren Uul Mountain Pass area near the Northern Mongolian/Russian border, and you know there is exciting adventure in his writing. Believe me, his travels had ups and downs, from his goodbye to the UK, his one way ticket to China, and his “mad-cap adventure winds its way through Tibet, the Yunnan, Guanxi, Sichuan and Shaanxi Provinces,” to his “Multi-entry trials and tribulations meandering across Chinese borders.”

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The excerpt…

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